February 11, 2009

Subscribe to the Offers Galore SMS Alert Service

I have just now started a new service where you will get an SMS alert whenever a new post is posted on this blog. This is brought exclusively from Google SMS Channels, a Google Labs new feature where you can create or subscribe to any of the SMS groups available and you will get SMS whenever a new post is created or whenever a message is sent through that group.

All you need to subscribe to Offers Galore to receive these SMS alerts is to visit this link and login using your Google Accounts (Gmail account) and as soon as you login you will be prompted to add in your Nickname and the mobile number to verify. Once you give your mobile number, you will receive a verification code and you will need to enter that in the verification box and once done that you will need click on the box which says subscribe to Offers_Galore. Once you have done that, that’s all. You will receive an SMS alert whenever a new post is created here and thus you will be updated on all the latest offers and deals posted here.

Remember you will be receiving only the heading of the post in your SMS and if you want to get more details you will need to visit here to know more.

Also remember that I plan to send other offers (offline) regularly, which have not been posted here also. And with this option of receiving the offers posted here immediately on your mobile you will have the first hand info on any of the offers similar to the eBay Offer where they had canceled the offer immediately later that day due to the overwhelming response they had. If you subscribe for the SMS alert you can avail any of such offers immediately without any delay.

Visit here to subscribe to the official Offers Galore SMS Alert Service.

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Anonymous said...

there are already couple of channels based on offers blog rss feed, I myself have created one for myself.