October 16, 2008

Win Great Prizes with World Search Championship

Yahoo India to promote their search engine has come up with a special contest called World Search Championship. With this whoever could come up with the right answer will win prizes like HP Laptop, Sony PS3, Nokia N96, and 25 Shoppers Stop Vouchers each worth Rs. 4000.

All you need to do is to enter the contest by registering for free and start playing. There will the 10 questions you will need to answer, each question will appear in a single page and you can do whatever you want, like searching anywhere to find the answer. But there will be a special Yahoo page with all the info you need regarding the question that has been asked. That Yahoo page will appear below each question so that you can visit it and search for answer and enter and move to the next question.

Likewise if you win come with all the 10 answers within shortest possible time, you could win any of the above mentioned prizes. You will need to be lightning quick to win these prizes as I have seen there were scorers who have found the answers within 19 seconds! I tried it and it took me 3 minutes to finish the entire quiz!

You can know more about the World Search Championship by Yahoo here.

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