November 17, 2008

Get Free Gifts and Discounts with India Today Subscription

From today, I am starting a new series of offers in which I will be sharing the magazine subscription offers available across India. These magazine subscription offers are sometimes too good to overlook them with the free gifts that you get along with the great discounts just to subscribe to these magazines. There are some really amazing free gifts you get along with such magazine subscriptions such as the Filmfare subscription discussed here and here. These magazine subscriptions have always fascinated me and even lured me many times in subscribing to them and hence I hope it will create the same usefulness and fascination for you too.

Although I have started this endeavor of magazine subscription offers previously with the Filmfare Subscription but have not continued from then, but from now on it will continue if I find some really good offer on magazine subscription in India. You too can give your suggestions and feedbacks on this through comments here or to my email ID. This, magazine subscription offers, will be ongoing but I can assure I will not over post with too much of it and will post them only at some intervals.

I am going to start with the India Today magazine subscription. Although there will be a change in free gifts and discounts you get from that of the cover price every now and then, but I am sharing the latest offer on India Today subscription right now.

There are actually three options available with the subscription; one year, three years and five years.

The current cover price of India Today is Rs. 25! With the one year subscription offer you will get the subscription for Rs. 975 as against the original subscription rate of Rs. 1300 (with the cover price of Rs. 25). You will get 52 issues at this rate and you would save Rs. 325 from that of the cover price. You will also get a free Reebok Bag and Britannia Encyclopedia CD which is said to be worth Rs. 650 along with the one year subscription.

With the three years subscription of India Today you get a free Timex Watch worth Rs. 750. And you can subscribe for Rs. 2900 as against the original price of Rs. 3900. You will get 156 issues. You will save Rs. 1000 with this three-year offer.

With five year subscription you get a free Adidas Shoes which is worth Rs. 2899 for free. You can also get the special subscription rate of Rs. 4800 as against the original cover price of Rs. 6500. You can save Rs. 1700 from this offer.

You can even subscribe to it by filling the necessary details and payment online from here. Those who want to renew their existing India Today subscription can also avail this offer.

You can find more details about this offer here.

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