November 13, 2008

Get Free Gifts on Opening Savings Account with HDFC

If you were planning to open a savings account or current account with any bank, then this is the right time and to open it with HDFC Bank and this because they are offering some free gifts just for opening up any of the regular savings account or special savings account or even the current account with them. This has been named as 2Much Offer and is valid for accounts opened from November 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008.

As said above, there are some specialized savings accounts available with HDFC Bank and there will be some extra benefits if you opt to open such savings account rather than the regular ones. And one among them is SavingsMax Account. It is nothing but an high interest savings account. You will need to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 25,000 per quarter for this account. You will get specialized benefits like free unlimited ATM transactions, free unlimited cheque books, etc. You can get more benefit details of this account here. If you could open this SavingsMax Account you will get a free Travel Bag.

There is also another special savings account with HDFC Bank, namely SavingsPlus Account. With this savings account you will need to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 10,000 per quarter. You get free transactions on any other bank’s ATM per month and other benefits. You can get to know the more benefits about SavingsPlus Account. And if you could open this account you will get a free Tote Bag.

And there is a regular savings account with HDFC and it has no extra benefits or features just like the above special savings account. You will need Rs. 5000 to maintain as average quarterly balance for this account. You can find more details about this regular savings account here. You will get a free flip booklight if you open a regular savings account during this offer period.

And there is a current account is for the businessmen or traders. There are different plans or accounts within this option. You can find more details about opening current account with HDFC here. If you could open a current account with HDFC within this offer period you will get a free currency detector.

You will get these freebies only if you open the above mentioned accounts with HDFC and not other accounts like fixed deposit, etc. But this offer is applicable for accounts like salary accounts, kids advantage account, family savings account, etc. Contact your nearest HDFC Bank for details.

After you have filled in your application for opening your savings account, you will receive a welcome kit with your account details to your address. You will need to take them to the branch in which you have opened the account and claim these free gifts.

As said above this offer is valid only till December 31, 2008. To know more about this offer visit HDFC Bank Website.

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