November 6, 2008

Get Free Shipping on all Products at Sify Mall

Just like they offered it some time back, Sifymall has done it again this time by offering free shipping on all the products that you buy from them. This offer is valid till November 30, 2008 and is applicable for all the purchases and is valid only if the delivery is within India.

This is the first of its kind initiative by any shopping portal (or am I wrong), as most of them tend to charge or over charge when it comes to buying the products online. The one key hindrance which has been preventing people from buying online is the shipping charges. Which sometimes seem to be very high and thus preventing a shopper to opt for regular shopping than going for online shopping.

Now with this offer, you can benefit a great deal by avoid paying the shipping charges and can get the products delivered for free and thus saving a great deal of time and the money.

One tip I can give here is to go for the branded or the products for which you know the price for sure, rather than going for unbranded or unknown products since the chances of them being overpriced is high and would nullify the benefit you get from free shipping.

By the way, coming back to this offer, you can find more details about this offer and start shopping at Sify Mall, here.

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Anonymous said...

SIFY has taken similar offers before also.