November 19, 2008

Get Indian Version of Linux, BOSS Linux CD for Free

After Ubuntu Linux and Oracle Unbreakable Linux giveaways, now is the time for Boss Linux which is nothing but our own Indian Version of the Linux OS. It is an OS developed by C-DAC. And what more, you can get this version of BOSS Linux CD for free too. Or alternatively you can download it directly from Boss Linux Website.

If you want to get BOSS CD visit here and look for the nearest Boss Support Centre and contact them and give your address to them to let it delivered to your place for free through courier. No obligations or questions asked, just give details to get it for free and that too delivered at your place for free.

Find more details about Bosss Linux and other details including how to get the free BOSS Linux CD, visit this page.

Thanx Abhishek for sharing this offer.

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Abhishek said...

@Shiva: You are welcome! :)
And ya just wanted to add that I have already got the C.D from them!

Anonymous said...

I only wish they had the creativity to use a better name! tst!