November 21, 2008

Get Rs.1000 Gift Certificate to buy Digital Camera at Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza has done it again just like last time, by giving away a free gift certificate or gift voucher worth Rs. 1000 if you could just exchange any of the old cameras you have, either it is digital or analog, any working or non-working cameras that you have which can be exchanged to buy the latest brand digital cameras from Indiaplaza. And to compensate that they are giving it in the form of a gift certificate which can used at the time of buying the digital cameras to get the discount of Rs. 1000.

To avail this offer, you should be having any of the old cameras film roll camera or digital cameras to exchange, either in working or non-working condition. And you can exchange them to buy a brand new digital camera at Indiaplaza. You can give away your old regular or digital camera to the person (normally courier) who delivers the camera in which you have ordered online at Indiaplaza.

If you are already a member at Indiaplaza, you should have already received a mail mentioning this offer and details about how to get the free gift certificate worth Rs. 1000. This gift certificate can only be used at the specially mentioned section of digital cameras only and nowhere else.

To start with, visit this page. And claim your free gift voucher worth Rs. 1000. If you don’t have a membership then you should register for the same immediately and then claim this free gift certificate.

This gift voucher will be valid for 45 days from the date it was issued to you. Normally this gift certificate will be delivered to your email as soon as you request for the same. This offer is valid only for a limited period and hence if you are planning for digital camera purchase and this can be an ideal time to do it.

You can only pick from the select lot of digital cameras specially put up for sale for this offer, here.

The old camera as an exchange will be picked up from your location free of cost without any obligation and the old camera can be in any condition and can be of any brand and will be exchanged without any questions being raised.

Visit Indiaplaza for more details about this offer.

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