November 10, 2008

Write a Review and Get Rs. 250 Gift Voucher from Indiatimes

TripAdvisor, one of the leading travel and travel review portal in India, is giving away Indiatimes Gift Voucher worth Rs. 250 for free for a review which you can write on your travel to any place or hotels that you have stayed. You can also submit any travel photos or videos of yours and claim the free gift voucher from Indiatimes Shopping. The gift voucher can only be redeemed at Indiatimes Shopping portal for a minimum purchase of Rs. 750.

Trip Advisor India has been around here for quite some time and have been helping fellow travelers both in India and abroad with the readers' reviews and experiences as well as helping find the right hotel to stay and helping us in all our travel plans. You can find anything related to travel and stay at Tripadvisor. And what makes them different is the fact that they let the members to write reviews of whatever travel experience they have. Thus such reviews and experiences would surely help the fellow members and also whoever visiting their site if they were planning to visit a particular place or planning to book a hotel, etc.

Coming back to the offer, you will need to register at and to start with, and head to this page and write a review of any hotel that you have stayed or write about a place of tourist interest that you have visited recently or previously. Once you have written the review and got published then you will get a free gift voucher worth Rs. 250 delivered to your email ID from Indiatimes Shopping. You can also submit any of your travel videos or travel pictures to qualify for this free gift voucher. You can choose any of the three option namely write a review, add photos, or add videos and proceed accordingly to get it.

But remember that this gift voucher of Rs. 250 is valid fully only if your minimum purchase value is Rs. 750 at Indiatimes Shopping. Hence literally meaning you are getting a product worth Rs. 750 for Rs. 500.

You can submit as many number of reviews, photos or videos to receive a free gift voucher everytime. But just keep in mind that you cannot combine these gift vouchers or use it together at Indiatimes Shopping.

You will receive the gift voucher only if your review, photo or video gets posted at Tripadvisor.

This offer is valid from November 4, 2008 to December 22, 2008.

To read all the other terms and conditions for this offer and other details, visit this page.

This offer is shared to me by Rishi Mittal, Abhishek, and Kunal Kamdar.

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Vishal Gupta said...

Hi Shiva,

I havn't received this GV. Any idea who should I contact?

Shiva said...

hi, Vishal Gupta, I would say that you wait for a few more days and see whether you are getting or not, as it would take some time to get it, as they mentioned in their terms and conditions. Else contact tripadvisor regarding the same through their customer service email ID or their helpline number.

Vishal Gupta said...

Pathetic, Ridiculous, Poor!!!
All I can say about this online portal. They cancelled my order after putting it on hold for 10 days. And on top of all, they don’t have any reasons for the cancellation. They even don't know about the seller. Fukcers. Losers.

I suggest you people not to go to this site for online shopping. Their cc is extremely hopeless. They don't have any idea about any product, what they are offering, their policies, about the sellers, etc.

I would rather recommend indiaplaza & futurebazaar. These are quite decent options for your online shopping thirst. Believe me.