December 31, 2008

Get Free Giftmate Voucher from Your Citibank Credit Card

After the Petrobonus way to get your free Giftmate Mobile Voucher now I will discuss about how you can get the Giftmate Voucher through Citibank Credit Card, i.e., through their reward points. For this offer you must already own Citibank Credit Card. You would have used your card for long and must have at least 100 points if you have a platinum/ultima card or at least 200 points if you own a Citibank Gold Card or 250 points if you have a silver card.

There is also special 50% extra value offer going on for this holiday season exclusively for the credit card holders till January 31, 2009. Where if you are eligible to get Rs. 100 worth Giftmate voucher, with this offer, you will get voucher worth Rs. 150 instead of the regular Rs. 100 voucher.

Firstly I will discuss about Citibank Platinum/Ultima Credit Card, if you have a minimum of 100 reward points with your card, then you can convert that in Gift Mate voucher worth Rs. 100 normally, but because to this offer you will get a voucher worth Rs. 150. Similarly if you have 250 reward points in your account, you can get Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 375 and for 500 reward points you will get Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 750.

For Citibank Gold Card Holders, for a minimum of 200 reward points you will get Rs. 150 worth Giftmate voucher and for 500 points you will get Rs. 375 worth voucher and similarly for 1000 points you will get Rs. 750 worth Gift Mate Voucher.

For the regular silver Citibank Credit Cards, for 250 reward points you will get Rs. 150 worth Giftmate Voucher and for 625 points you will get Rs. 375 voucher and for 1250 reward points you will get a Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 750.

As said above this special offer of 50% extra value on Giftmate is valid only till January 31, 2009. After that period you will get only regular Giftmate vouchers without the 50% extra value. Contact your Citibank Credit Card Customer service for redeeming these reward points into Giftmate vouchers or to get more details about redeeming them. You will need to give a valid mobile number of yours as well as your email ID to get the Giftmate voucher.

For more detailed terms and conditions on this offer visit this page.

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Vishal Gupta said...

Yeah it's there for a long time. Already redeemed 500 points (=Rs.750). Anyway thanks for sharing it.

Prashant Jaiswal said...

shiv boss a new 50% cash back offer from indiatimes

zip2rehman said...

hey have u stopped updating this blog..