December 31, 2008

Get Giftmate Voucher from PetroBonus Card

Giftmate gave us the offer or probably offers of the year 2008 and I would like to end this year on the offers on Giftmate. Although these are not the direct offers from Giftmate or as good as their previous offers, but can be classified as ways in which you can get Giftmate vouchers, well, almost free. One such way of getting free Giftmate is through Citibank Credit Cards and the other way is through Petrobonus Card which is nothing but the loyalty card from Bharat Petroleum in which you can earn points for filling petrol using this card.

First I will share on you can get Giftmate voucher using PetroBonus or PetroCard. For this you should own a PetroBonus Card which is a loyalty card offered by Bharat Petroleum for which you earn PetroMiles (or points) on each purchase you make on your PetroCard at various Bharat Petroleum outlets across the country which accepts Petro Card. You can earn points on any purchase you make and it varies depending on what you purchase using the card. Find more details about on you can use your PetroBonus Card.

Now, coming back to this offer of Giftmate, you will need to have earned 6867 Petromiles points to get a Giftmate voucher worth Rs. 100. You will need to call Petrobonus helpline number 1800-22-2725 and redeem the points once you have earned enough to get a Giftmate voucher. You will need to give your mobile number along with the email ID to get it. You will get the Giftmate voucher in your mobile and email ID within 10 days of redeeming it through their customer service helpline.

This offer is valid throughout the year, until PetroBonus changes its rewards catalogues which they do every now and then. For other details on you can use PetroCard to get GiftMate visit this page.

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Anonymous said...

How it can be free when you have to give 6867 petromiles points?

Shiva said...

Its to some extent true, but they are just the points that you get from filling petrol (which you would normally do) but getting rewarded for it and hence can be termed to some extent as free... Anyway i have removed the word free from it.. as it could be somewhat not related here..