December 12, 2008

Get up to 25% cash back with Citibank Cards at eBay

If you buy any products from eBay India using your Citibank debit or credit card you will get a chance to get up to 25% of cash back on the total amount paid. The assured cash back that you get is 10% in this offer. As said, you can use either your debit or credit card issued by Citibank. You will need to fulfill certain criteria to get 25% cash back which I will share below. And this offer is available for any product you buy from eBay using your Citibank Cards.

With this offer, you have to use your Citibank Cards using PaisaPay as the payment option to be eligible for the same. PaisaPay is nothing but an exclusive way in which you can pay and transact using your own credit or debit card with additional benefits, but only at eBay. It acts as a bridge between buyer and seller with eBay as the arbitrator. Know more about PaisaPay. It is one of the safest and best way to buy from eBay. It offers options like refund if the shipment did not reach you along with the secure payment transaction, and other issues between buyers and sellers, like many other useful features.

Coming back to this offer, after paying using PaisaPay you will be getting an unique transaction ID known as PaisaPay ID after the purchase and your cash back is entirely dependent upon the last digit of this PaisaPay ID.

If your last digit of PaisaPay ID is 0-5 you will get a cash back of 10%. If your last digit is 6-8 then your cash back is 15%. And if your last digit is 9, then you will get a cash back of 25% flat.

You will need to enter the voucher code W7U0KTSPF7 at the space given for eBay gift voucher to be eligible to get the cash back. If the above voucher code is used up by you once then you can use TWFQV60YLH or YIJJ3SXZEE to get further cash back on your next purchase/purchases at eBay.

The maximum cash back that you can get from this offer is Rs. 1000. The cash back amount will be credited back to your account within 21 days of the transaction.

Steps involved given in a simple manner:

4 easy steps to avail of the offer
- Register on
- Find your favourite product
- Use the Voucher Code W7U0KTSPF7
- Pay with your Citibank Card

This offer ends on December 20, 2008. Read the important terms and conditions involved with this offer here. Visit this page to know more about this offer.

This offer was shared to me by Ashish Batra.

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