December 2, 2008

Some Cash Back and Other Offers on SBI Card

SBI Card has a whole lot of cash back and offers on its sleeve for its credit card holders, who can either go for balance transfer, EMD, flexipay, or register for the bill pay or even opt for the e-statement, online. This is applicable for all the existing SBI Card holders who voluntarily opt for the services offered by SBI Card on their existing card to avail these benefits. Also remember that some services like balance transfer will attract some service charges too.

If you opt for e-statement rather than the regular statement for your SBI Credit Card you will be rewarded with 250 rewards points. And if you subscribe to e-statements and opt for the paynet option to pay your bills through Paynet, SBI Card’s very own bill payment service, you will be rewarded with 400 reward points. If you choose this option of e-statement you will not be receiving the regular paper statements after that. These form of e-statements gives the advantage of saving trees by way of reducing paper usage and is a welcome and good move to take. But one disadvantage with such e-statements that you might even end up forgetting about paying your credit card bills sometimes, if only if you receive the bill payment alerts on your mobile. Hence think about it and decide whether to opt for it or not.

Register for utility bill payments option using your SBI Card and get 2% cash back on each bills you pay through SBI Card through this option. For this you will need to register for the bill payment option and then pay your bill. You can register for the biller very easily online and then proceed. This offer is valid till December 31, 2008.

If you opt for balance transfer option from other cards to your SBI Card, you will get cash back of Rs. 100 for each balance transfer you apply for. You can register for balance transfer online at There are various options available on balance transfer with SBI Card, right form 0% for three months and so on. There will also be a nominal service charge for each balance transfer you make. The advantage of such balance transfers is that you don’t have to end up paying huge interest charges for the balance you have in your other bank credit cards. Thus you would end up saving some money if you transfer your balances for a less interest rates in other banks such as SBI Card.

You will get a cash back of Rs. 50 for booking your flexipay option. This is nothing but converting your purchases of Rs. 2500 and more to EMIs with lesser interest rate of 14% as against the regular credit card interest rates of 35-40%.

For all the details on all the offers discussed above just visit SBI Card.

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