December 10, 2008

Win Iron Man & Incredible Hulk Merchandise from BigFlix

BigFlix is currently running a contest or promo in the form of a quiz with their Ironman Contest. You will need to answer three simple and easy questions which actually comes with some very obvious answers and submit it along with your personal details like name, email ID, city and country that you live to enter the contest. If you are one of the lucky winners you might just win some Iron Man merchandise for free.

The question ranges like who is the actor that plays the lead role in and as Iron Man. And which comics is Iron Man a character of. As well as what does the evil Tony Stark become to protect this world. Of which the answers are really very obvious from the options given.

Visit this link to enter the Iron Man Contest by Big Flix. If this link does not work, just visit BigFlix and look out for the promo banner for the Iron Man Contest at the home page.

Similar to the above contest from BigFlix, there is another promo or contest running on namely The Incredible Hulk Go Green Contest. Just like above you will need to answer simple questions along with your personal details and submit them to enter the contest. The questions asked for this contest is so easy that even those who have not watched the movie but just heard about it can answer it quite easily. If your answers are all correct then you could actually win Hulk Merchandise for free.

You can find more details about this contest here. Similar to above, if this link does not work, do visit the home page of Big Flix to look for the contest promo banner and details to enter the contest.

For both the above two contests it would hardly take 2 to 3 minutes to finish them each and thus making it an ideal contest to enter without too much of a fuss of too many complicated procedures and instructions to follow.

Visit BigFlix for more details about these two contests.

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manish said...

plz give the answers too

Anonymous said...

Answers for Iron Man:
1) Robert Downey Jr.
2) Marvel Comics
3) Iron Man

For Incredible Hulk:
1) Edward Norton
2) Incredible
3) Liv Tyler
4) When he gets angry
5) Abomination