December 8, 2008

Win Free Talktime with Search Using Live Search

After Yahoo’s Search Contest with World Search Championship, it is the time for Windows Live to come up with a contest of sort with their Win with Search contest. With this, you will have a chance to win free talktime every 10 minutes. All you have to do is to just search using Win with Search which is powered by Live Search just like you do on Google or any other search engines. Every 10 minutes if you are lucky enough for the day you will have a chance to win the prize just for searching.

To enter this contest, all you need to do is visit Win with Search and start searching. As many search as you do during the 10 minutes you will have more chances to win. Each time you do a search there will be a couple of dices rolled on top of the page. You will win for that particular session if your dice turns up the result “6” on both the dices. Each session is for 10 minutes. If a winner was selected during that particular session, they will mention it on the top and you will not get any dice result for your search and you will need to wait for the next session to start searching again to win. That is the next 10-minute session to start again to get a chance to win the free talk time.

There will be a countdown timer on top of the search result and you can decide on when to start and when to stop.

The tip I can offer here is that instead of using Google or other search engines for your search, instead just try this option of search

You also have the option searching videos using Live Search to enter into the contest for searching.

Visit Win with Search for more details and start searching to win free talktime from Windows Live.

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