January 29, 2009

Get 5% Cash Back with Axis Bank Debit Card

Axis Bank has come up with a cash back offer which is worth having a look or to use. All you have to do during this offer period is to use your Axis Bank Debit Card for all your retail transactions, like shopping, online shopping, should be made in order to be eligible for this offer. You should have used your debit card for a minimum of Rs. 10,000 to be eligible for this offer. That is between January 24, 2009 to February 15, 2009 you should have shopped using your Axis Bank Debit Card for at least Rs. 10,000 in total.

You should have also done a minimum of five transactions which should include at least two online transactions to be eligible to receive this cash back.

Thus you would get Rs. 500 as cash back at the end of the offer period and the same will be credit back to your account at the end of March 2009.

This is a worthy offer if you are the sort of person who uses cash rather than credit cards for all your shopping needs and has a Axis Bank Debit Card. Thus instead of using cash you can use your Axis Bank debit card while shopping and get the benefit of 5% cash back (i.e., Rs. 500 cash back). The only drawback of this offer is the pre-condition of having at least two online transactions (shopping) to have been done during this offer period.

If you have more than one debit card in your single account, the transaction made on each card will be taken into account separately rather than as single. Only shopping done using your debit card will be eligible for this offer and cash withdrawals and other transactions like bill pay, etc are not eligible under this.

As said above this offer is valid from January 24, 2009 to February 15, 2009.

You can get more details about this offer here.

This offer was shared to me by Prakash Kotecha via email.

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