January 24, 2009

Get a Flat 20% Cash Back at Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza has introduced a new offer wherein you get a Fair & Square flat 20% cash back in the form of gift certificates from Indiaplaza which you can use them for future purchase there. You will get the gift voucher of 20% worth of the total purchase you make. You also cannot combine these gift vouchers into one but can only be used as individual gift vouchers in your future purchases. And is applicable on all purchases at any sections except at travel section in Indiaplaza.

You will get the gift vouchers in the denomination of Rs. 100 to Rs. 500, in the increment of Rs. 100. For example, for a purchase of Rs. 2000 you will get gift vouchers worth Rs. 400, either as Rs. 100 x 2 and Rs. 200 or two Rs. 200 vouchers which you can use for your future transaction at Indiaplaza.

All the other existing offers are applicable for this offer too. What makes this offer better is the fact that you will not have any pre-condition attached to the gift vouchers that you get along as cash back. You can use them as it is without any minimum purchase requirement. The least gift voucher you get in this offer is for Rs. 100 and for that you will need to make an initial purchase of Rs. 500 to get it for free.

You will get 20% as cash back in the form Indiaplaza gift voucher for the cumulated purchase you make between January 23 to January 31, 2009.

This offer is applicable for all the orders placed between January 23 to January 31, 2009. Even if you have made purchase/purchases at Indiaplaza on or after January 15, 2009, you too are eligible to get the free gift voucher. You will get the gift voucher before February 18, 2009.

You can get to know more details and the terms and conditions on this offer here.

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