January 12, 2009

Handpicked Offers for SBI Card Holders at Futurebazaar

Just like ICICI Bank and Futurebazaar offer, now SBI Cards and Future Bazaar has teamed up to come up with some offers of which some are worthy to try out this New Year. This offers is not valid at Future Bazaar website but you can only order it through the special helpline number of Futurebazaar given specially for this. This has been named as “handpicked for you offer” and is only valid for SBI Card holders. You will need to call and tell the product code or the product name to order it.

With this offer you get a travel hamper which actually consists of a gym bag, sling bag, haversack, strolley for Rs. 2500 as against the marget price of Rs. 5000. You also can get this by way of EMI of Rs. 446 for six months.

You also can get Transcend 8 GB Pendrive for Rs. 999 while the estimated market price of it is Rs. 1800 and thus giving you a savings of Rs. 801.

Micromax x41 mobile is sold at Rs. 6299 as against the original price of Rs. 11999. You can also buy them through EMI of 6 months for Rs. 1124 per month.

Now the product that is worthy to buy and that is Fujezone 2 GB touch screen MP4 player with camera for Rs. 2999 as against the original price of Rs. 3999. You can also get it for Rs. 535 as EMI for six months.

Similarly, you can get to buy Mitashi DVD Player with the market price of Rs. 2890 and can buy them for Rs. 1990 using this offer.

Kitchen hamper worth Rs. 5214 is sold at a discounted price of Rs. 2999. And you buy the jewellery hamper for Rs. 3799 but the original market price is estimated at Rs. 6500.

Some of the products which is sold through this offer with the estimated market price in brackets.

Pogo Plug n Play video game - Rs. 849 (Rs. 995).
Steam Spa – Rs. 5625 (Rs. 6495)
Home D├ęcor Combo – Rs. 3599 (Rs. 5087)
Infra Chi Trainer Plus – Rs. 5295 (Rs. 6295)
Anjali Mixer Grinder – Rs. 1999 (Rs. 2395)
Sauna Pants - Rs. 1300 (Rs. 1795)
Grill O’Wave and Micro Egged – Rs. 1299 (Rs. 1800)

Another cool offer is the Zenith A3 202 – IX Desktop powered by AMD Athlon processor is being sold at Rs. 12,299 while the market price of the same is Rs. 14,000.

For all the above products you will have Rs. 200 per product as shipping charges. You will be delivered these products within three weeks in India and will be delivered in India only.

You will also have an opportunity to order an exclusive gift of silver plated bowls worth Rs. 1500 by paying only Rs. 499 for the shipping and handling charges. You will get four set of silver plated bowls.

You will need to call 1800-2090-490 or 022-6689 7400 to order them. You can order between 9 am to 9 pm.

For converting these purchases into EMI you will need to contact the SBI Card helpline 1800-180-1290 or 39020202.

This offer is valid till February 15, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

dude, these so called offers are complete bullshit.
they are falsely increasing markets costs, and then claim to give discounts

Anonymous said...

rightly said so. these offers are bloody scams...