January 9, 2009

Open a Privilege Banking Account with ICICI & get Free Wrist Watch

ICICI Bank is currently giving away free wrist watch specially signed by Sharukh Khan on opening a privilege banking account. This is also applicable for existing account holders with ICICI Bank who upgrades their regular savings account to a privilege banking account. Even upgrades within the privilege accounts are eligible to get this free watch from ICICI Bank. There are several other benefits you would get from Privilege Banking than that of the regular banking, do check them out before you decide to upgrade or get a new privilege account from ICICI.

As said, there are three types of privilege accounts with ICICI Bank namely silver privilege account, gold privilege account, and titanium privilege account. For each of these privilege accounts the minimum balance that you will need to maintain varies significantly from Rs. 25,000 to around Rs. 1 lakh. To start with the silver privilege account can be opened with a minimum balance of just Rs. 25,000 as average quarterly balance.

For details about the various privilege accounts available and the benefits of privilege banking with ICICI Bank visit this page.

Now, if you open or upgrade your existing savings account which has a minimum balance of Rs. 10,000 to a privilege account, you would be eligible to get this free watch. This watch, as said above, is signed by Sharukh Khan although the signature was a print embedded on the watch which is obvious. Anyway if you are planning to upgrade yourself for a privilege account with ICICI you can do so now and get benefited from it. Since anyway you are just going to keep your balance as a savings in your account, you will not be losing anything in converting your account but instead get a free watch from them.

You are also eligible for this offer if you upgrade your account from silver to gold or gold to titanium privilege accounts.

You will be receiving your free watch to your address after opening or upgrading your account. This offer is valid till January 31, 2009.

Read FAQs about this offer before applying for one. More details about this offer can be had from here.

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Anonymous said...

I have opted for this offer just because i am a SRK big fan.I have received the watch .... but to my surprise the Watch was GENTS WRIST WATCH..... i wanted to know if bank just take a pain of identifying the gender of the account holder and gift the watch accordingly, it could be useful for the account holder.... or may be they have not considered female fans of SRK.