January 19, 2009

Win Free Metallica CDs by taking part in this contest

AOL India just like their previous contests, has come up with a contest to promote the Metallica’s latest album Death Magnetic. In order to win free Metallica CDs you will need to answer three simple questions. This is a contest of chance and hence only a lucky few can win the prizes mentioned there.

The questions asked are very simple if you are diehard fan of Metallica or just a Google search would get you the answer for all,

1) Which of these was an original guitarist for Metallica?
2) The name of Metallica's first album was "_____ Em All".
3) Name the latest hit album from Metallica.
Just give your personal details along with the answers to get a chance win free CDs of Metallica.

Visit AOL or this page for more details and to take part in this quiz or contest.

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