February 13, 2009

Get 15% Discount at eBay Using HDFC Bank Direct Pay

This is an exclusive offer for this Valentine’s Day for the Direct Pay Customers of HDFC Bank at eBay where you get a flat discount of 15% for anything you buy at eBay and pay using the option of HDFC Bank Direct Pay. You will need to use the special eBay voucher code mentioned below to get the flat 15% discount on your order. You can get a maximum discount of Rs. 500 per order using this offer. This offer is only for the existing HDFC Bank customers.

eBay and HDFC Bank have come together for the first time to give us this offer for this Valentine’s Day, i.e., a flat discount of 15% for all the orders we make at eBay using the HDFC Bank Direct Pay. And this offer will not be applicable if you choose to pay using regular online payment or HDFC Bank or any other bank’s credit cards. You should also be using the option of PaisaPay at eBay to be eligible for it.

You will need to use the eBay voucher code V1N6VAUZYY at the space for eBay gift voucher when you are purchasing the product to be credited with the flat 15% off on the product value that you have purchased. This voucher can be used only once and for further purchases or transactions use the voucher codes K5LRO8WMQL or CZYTZNZH5W to get the flat 15% off on your purchases at eBay.

The process involves registering at eBay India if you have not already registered there and search for the product that you are planning to buy. Use the voucher code or codes mentioned above during the checking out process and pay using the option of HDFC Bank Direct Pay. That’s all.

This offer is valid till February 20, 2009.

Visit eBay or HDFC Bank for details about this offer. Read the terms and conditions before venturing for this offer.

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1 comment:

Prashant Jaiswal said...

Arre waah...kyaa baat hai.. :) good to see soo many new good offers about ebay voucher on offers galore.
Thank you for this offer specially as I am an HDFC customer and I used direct pay and this code to get this special discount as after that wonder coupons there was not many good discount coupons was offered from ebay(just 5% or 10%) but this one was good.