February 11, 2009

Get Free VCD with Valentine’s Day Gifts at Sify

As a special Valentine’s Day Offer, Sify Shopping has come up with an offer of free movie VCD with every order that you place from their special Valentine’s Day Section. This offer is applicable for all the order you buy or gift from Valentine’s Day Gifts section. There is no minimum purchase required to be eligible for this offer. This is a separate offer apart from their previous Valentine’s Day offer.

You will mostly be getting any of the Hindi movie VCDs and you don’t have the option of choosing the title too (I guess). And other than this you can also enter into an exclusive contest for Valentine’s Day namely Kaun Banega Best Aashiq contest. This seems to be a contest which is very similar to that of Indiatimes’ contest of Sabse Bada Aashiq Kaun Contest. Where you will need to buy any gift from Sify Shopping and then write a message to your Valentine and you will be entered into the contest and will have a chance to win either Rs. 2000, Rs. 3000 or Rs. 5000 worth digital gift coupons from Sify Mall.

The prize is distributed according to the best message that one submits. The third best message gets the gift coupon worth Rs. 2000, similarly the second best gets Rs. 3000 worth gift coupon and the best message of them all get Rs. 5000 worth gift coupon which can then be redeemed at Sify Shopping only without any minimum purchase requirements.

You will need to enter your love message when you checking out while buying your Valentine’s Day gift at Sify Mall. Without the message you will not be eligible or entered into this contest. This is apart from the assured gift of movie VCD that you get for every order you make at Valentine’s Day Gifts section at Sify Shopping or Mall. In case you win the first three prizes as mentioned above you will get your gift coupons within 10 days from February 14, 2009.

Start with your Valentine’s Day Shopping at Sify Mall to be eligible for the free VCD offer as well as the Kaun Banega Best Aashiq contest.

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