February 25, 2009

Offers at Rediff Shopping for ICICI Bank Netbanking Users

ICICI Bank and Rediff Shopping have collaborated to come up with various offers on various products being sold at Rediff Shopping. You will need to have a ICICI Bank Savings Account with Netbanking option to avail this offer. Hence you will need to pay using ICICI Bank Netbanking in order to be eligible for this offer else you will not be eligible for it. The discount will vary depending on the product you are buying.

To start with, you can get an 8 GB pen drive which is said to be worth Rs. 1695 for Rs. 745. Similarly you can buy a 2 GB MP4 player for Rs. 1099 while the original price being Rs. 3499.

A 250 GB external portable drive worth Rs. 10200 is offered at a special price of Rs. 3749. A 5 MP digital camera which is said to be worth Rs. 6000 can be brought for Rs. 2340.

Diamond pendant whose original price is Rs. 2090 is available for Rs. 1875. Electric rice cooker’s is available for Rs. 1199 as against the original price of Rs. 1899.

A mobile quick charger along with a 2 GB MicroSD Card is being sold for an offer price of Rs. 449 with Rs. 1295 being the original price. A juicer’s price is Rs. 985 with the original price being Rs. 1045.

Strolley bag is available for Rs. 645 (Original Price Rs. 1199). Helicopter Rs. 735 (original price of Rs. 1999).

As said above this offer is valid only for the ICICI Bank Savings Account Holders who have a Netbanking account with them and can transact using it to buy from Rediff Shopping to be eligible for this offer. All the above prices are at a maximum discounted price only for the ICICI Bank customers.

You can find more details about this offer here and here and do read the terms and conditions of this offer.

This offer is valid from Feb 14, 2009 to March 31, 2009.

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