February 12, 2009

Write a Review and Get Rs. 250 Gift Voucher from Indiaplaza

Just like the previous Indiatimes Offer, Tripadvisor have come up with another similar offer but this time with Indiaplaza. All you will need to do is to write review of the hotel you stayed or a place of attraction you have visited or a restaurant you have had your food or even write about your favorite destination and receive a gift voucher worth Rs. 250 from Indiaplaza through Tripadvisor.in.

You will be able to use this Rs. 250 gift voucher at Indiaplaza.in only for a minimum purchase of Rs. 750 or above and thus you would only need to pay Rs. 500 while buying a product worth Rs. 750. You also cannot combine two gift vouchers that you get from this offer. You can use this gift voucher at any sections at Indiaplaza.

You can even upload a photo or videos to get this free gift voucher from them. But either the reviews, photos or videos will need to be approved by the Trip Advisor Team and you will get your gift voucher only if it is approved and gets posted at their site. Thus you get the voucher within four working days once you submit your review provided your review gets approved.

This offer is valid from January 26, 2009 to March 8, 2009.

Visit Tripadvisor for more details about this offer.

This offer was shared to my via email by Saurav Basu & Prashant Agrawal.

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Prashant Jaiswal said...

Thank you for publishing this offer shiva sir, just a little correction needed ..its Prashant 'Jaiswal' instead of Agrawal..although both r baniyas :)

Kunal said...


My review was approved, however no signs of the voucher yet! Did you get one? As i remember you mentioning in one of the posts that an offer is published here only if you have got it.


Shiva said...

hi Kunal,
I have not tried this offer yet...as i have not written any review yet... Actually even if your review is approved, it may be in queue to be posted in their site... YOu might just review it as soon as your review gets posted... Even after seeing your review at their site, you did not receive your voucher, i would suggest that you contact tripadvisor's customer service regarding the same...