March 20, 2009

Free Holiday Packages with India Today Book Club Offer

India Today Book Club which actually got into fame with its popular and some not so popular offers along with some of its controversial offers has come up with another offer and this time they are selling their devotional 20 CD pack and giving away free holiday packages for those who buy it. You also get free United Colors of Benetton sunglasses too. What's so special about these India Today Book Club Offers is the fact that you will not find then online even at their website, but will be available only through the mailers that they send and the special links that they send along with those emails.

Sacred Moments, which is the collection of 20 CDs on devotional music dedicated to almost all Hindu gods right from Ganesh to Vishnu and Durga to Hanuman, Shiva to Vishnu, etc. All the 20 devotional CDs is said to be worth Rs. 2000, but you can buy them all for Rs. 699 only. But not only that, you will two freebies along with this offer.

The first is that you will get a free three days/two nights holiday worth Rs. 5000 for a couple. The second freebie is that you will get a free return air ticket worth Rs. 7000. And this free air ticket is a domestic air ticket which you can use to fly between Indian cities or towns.

To calculate the benefits and savings you get along with this offer, you pay Rs. 699 for 20 CDs worth Rs. 2000 and you get holiday worth Rs. 5000 for free (I don’t know on what basis they will decide a holiday worth Rs. 500) and return air tickets worth Rs. 7000. Thus you are saving a whopping Rs. 13301 at least according to their calculation. Also you will need to remember that you will nee to pay Rs. 300 additionally as postage and handling charges.

Apart from the above freebies of free holiday and free return air ticket you also get the option of getting a United Colors of Benetton sunglasses worth Rs. 3999 for free (well not almost free). Once you order the above 20 devotional CDs by paying Rs. 699 along with the postage and handling charges of Rs. 300, you will be delivered of these CDs soon and in that package you will find a voucher for this free Benetton sun glass. There will be a voucher which you will need to fill out and send it across. But the catch here is that you will need to shell out Rs. 499 as postage and delivery and gift handling charges. This is only an optional gift and hence there is no compulsory that you should avail this gift, you can ignore this gift if you are not interested to avail it. See more details about this free sun glasses offer here.

You can visit this page to know more details about this offer. It is up to you to decide whether you really want to get those free holiday and free return air tickets or not. There are various pre-conditions attached to it and hence just think twice before availing this offer rather than regretting later.

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Madhavi said...

I purchased this offer for Rs. 2,000/- on June 11, 2008. While a pack of 8 CDs was mailed to me immediately, I never received the Free Holiday Package. My repeated calls to the Nebsarai office of India Today Book Club at 40502424 have been ignored and have been re-directed to their NOIDA office. The NOIDA office sends me back to Nebsarai office, who say that they can not help me with this.

It is extremely unfortunate that a company of this reputation has been cheating its customer and making false claims regarding offers it never fulfils. I will NOT RECOMMEND to anyone to get entangled in this promotion as you end up losing the entire amount of money.

Also, I will appreciate if ITBC contacts me, and either fulfils the commitments made in the offer or refunds my entire money.

Dr. Jain

Seo Executive said...

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