March 25, 2009

Free Wireless Internet and Pendrive from Tata Indicom

Just like the Reliance's free Wireless Internet Offer, Tata Indicom too had a similar but yet a better offer where you will not only get free unlimited wireless internet but also a free 2 GB pen drive from Transcend along with this offer and also a free PC Security Shield protection for your PC for three months. This offer is applicable if you buy Tata Indicom’s Plug2surf Whiz USB Modem through online only and not available if you buy it offline. You can get the device delivered free of charge at major cities in India. They deliver it free to around 450 cities and towns in India. The delivery time is only three days.

You will need to pay Rs. 2569 to buy their Surfathon kit (which includes the cost of the USB Modem worth Rs. 2249 and SIM Card of Rs. 320) to avail this offer and get hooked to the wireless Internet from Tata Indicom. You will also need to sign up for the vData unlimited 799 postpaid plan along with this offer, which you can change or switch after some time if you are not interested, I suppose, do check this before buying it. You will be billed on this plan after the free initial two months.

If you do so, you will get a free Plug2Surf Whiz device which you will need to access wireless internet either at your home PC or your laptop anywhere you go. And along with it you get 2 months of unlimited surfing and downloading from them using this device. Plus you get a pen drive of 2 GB from Transcend. Also you get an all-in-one PC Security Shield with extended trial of three months.

You will get the free pen drive within seven days of the installation. The free trial of PC Security redemption code will be sent to your email ID. You can buy it online using your credit card or using any of the major bank’s netbanking facility.

You can browse the internet at high speed using this Plug2Surf Device at the broadband speed, at least as claimed by Tata Indicom as so.

This offer is not valid in Goa and Maharashtra (including Mumbai circle).

You can find more details about this offer here or here. This offer is valid till April 30, 2009.

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Anil said...

What will be the speed limit for this device under Vdata 799 plan??

Prashant Jaiswal said...

new offers from Ebay India
good ones

Rathish said...

Plug2surf Whiz, speed is only (Upto 153.6 kbps). Shiva please check... i think you are mistaken this with the new Tata Indicom's Photon+.(Upto 3.1 Mbps Downlink speed).

The offer is not attractive and its a trick to sell their old devices. Its available in store at around the same price. I think the 2GB pen drive is not available offline.