March 19, 2009

Get 10% discount coupon for Pantaloons at Futurebazaar

Very recently Pantaloons, the family store, opened its online store at Future Bazaar and to celebrate or to promote it, is giving away 10% discount coupon for the Futurebazaar users. Since both are from the Future Group they are collaborating now online. You can use it only at Pantaloons Online. You will need to use a special coupon code to get the 10% off. The actual store is located at but it gets redirected to the FutureBazaar site where you can make your purchase just like you do for your Futurebazaar shopping.

You can actually login at Pantaloons Shop Online using your Future Bazaar login and password. After login in and after choosing the product to buy, you will need to use the 10% off coupon code 10500F09 at the appropriate place to get the instant credit of 10% discount on your total purchase value. This coupon code 10500F09 can only be used once using one user name. You cannot use this coupon code with any other offer. The maximum discount you can get using this coupon code is Rs. 500 which means your discount will be Rs. 500 only if you purchase for Rs. 5000 or even if you purchase for Rs. 6000 or more.

This offer is valid only till March 31, 2009. Start your shopping here.

I received details about this offer in my email since I was a registered member at Future Bazaar and this offer was also shared to me by Narendra Mundra via email.

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Abhishek said...

@ Shiva and others: This code is applicable on all products in store at futureBazaar and just not Pantaloons store, try for yourself!

Shiva said...

Thanks for sharing this useful info, Abhishek. Will give it a try.

Abhishek said...

@ All: Sorry..

Well the above said is correct but there is one more criteria, you should have at least one product from Pantaloon store to get 10% discount on all your purchase at futureBazaar.If you have nothing from Pantaloon store the code wont work.