March 16, 2009

Get a Better Deal with Unibid at In Shopping

After their previous offers with Tuesday Tornado and Friday Frenzy, IN Shop has come up with another somewhat similar but slightly different offer. This time it is not available for all those who can bid on it, but only those who have shopped at IN Shopping recently and is available for all those who shop at In Shopping henceforth till they scrap off this offer. This is called Unibid (a short form for Unique Bid). With this offer you can get great products at a minimum of 90% off as the starting price to bid. You will need to quote a bidding amount to win this bid and thus the product that they sell every week.

UNIBID Explained: UNIBID is nothing but a bidding process where the products will be set a price at a discount of at least 90% from the original price and you will need to submit an unique bid and if that unique bid turns out to be the highest among the other bids, will be selected as the winner.

That is in their own words “Winner: The Highest Unique UNIBID at the close of Bid will be the winner.” But they have mentioned in their terms here that the bidding will actually starts in the reverse,. i.e. if the bidding amount starts at Rs. 1200 and you can only bid for the amount lesser than that and not above and the amount which is found to be the highest bid but unique (i.e., no one else has bid for that amount) then that amount is the winner and thus the person who bid for that amount is eventually the winner. They have demonstrated an example on it is done in their terms and conditions above to be able to understand it better.

But in order to enter in this Unibid Offer, one major criteria is that you would need to have a unique UNIBID Code and this UNIBID Code can only be obtained if and only if you had shopped at In Shop. That is if you have shopped at In Shopping you will be provided with this Unibid Code. If you have shopped more than once and each time you will be given an unique Unibid Code which you can use at bidding for the product being sold using Unibid for that week.

The schedule in which this unique bidding process starts at Saturday 00:00 hours and ends at Sunday 23:59 hours, every week. You can bid for the product only during this time every week in order to participate in the bidding process.

To bid you will need to provide your personal details along with your bid Amount and the UNIBID Code in order to be eligible for this special promotion.

As said this offer is only for those who have shopped (after this promotion is announced by In Shop) and who are going to shop there in the future. You can use the Unibid Code to quote the highest price which you would be the most profitable and ideal to buy the product that was being put for the sale. You can get products that you have bid with free shipping, which is an even better deal for you.

This week they have put up Acer Aspire One Notebook for Rs. 2200 as the bidding price whereas its original price is said to be Rs. 21,999.

To know more about this offer visit In Shopping and read the terms and conditions for this offer before proceeding to bid.

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