March 13, 2009

Get a Free Sample of Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste

Just like their previous free Colgate Total and free Colgate Max Fresh samples offer, once again Colgate India has come up with the free samples offer and this time they are giving away a free sample of Colgate Sensitive weighing 25 grams. These free samples will be delivered to the address that you provide to them.

Colgate Sensitive toothpaste is for those who have a very sensitive tooth where you would get a very sharp pain when eating hot or cold food or drink. This Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste will help in combating such sudden shocks by forming as a protective layer for your teeth along with the other functions to that of a regular toothpaste.

Now, to elaborate this offer, just visit this page and just fill in your basic personal details along with your residential address and phone numbers to facilitate them to send the free sample of Colgate Sensitive to you. You will also need to give other information about which way you got to know about this offer and which brand of toothpaste are you currently using, etc.

When answering the question of "How did you come to know about this offer/promotion" I hope that you will just make a mention of this blog address appropriately ;-). Since it would be obvious that you came to know about this offer through this blog. It is not a compulsory, you can do so only if you wish to.

This free Colgate Sensitive offer is entirely different from their previous offers of giving away free samples of Colgate Total and MaxFresh. Unlike last time, this time they have mentioned the weight of the free sample that we will be getting. It is 25 g.

Know more details about sensitive tooth and about Colgate Sensitive toothpaste here. Visit this page to order your free sample of Colgate Sensitive. This offer is valid till stock lasts and is available only for Indian residents and is available only at select cities.

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Abhishek said...

Hey Shiva, I have never received any freebie from Colgate..
I think this is just a marketing gimmick,and looks like they never send anything to anyone...

Shiva said...

Yes, Abhishek, it could be partly true because, I too have never received any samples from Colgate yet, but I know some people and friends of mine who have received it. I do not know whether it is indeed Colgate is doing this or is it getting lost in transit. Lets hope what happens this time around.

Mridul Khurana said...

@ Abhi

In my case , i had Requested both of the previous Toothpaste , and recd both of them,though it took 2 months , but yes i did receive both of them.i m also gonna request this 1.

Abhishek said...

@ Shiva : I never knew some people have got it, I thought no one got it.. Anyways 'hope' is always live! :)

Anonymous said...

I rec. received one of the sample out of the two.

I remember, once i took an online survey and i was offered 3 options - donate to cry, Ellie magazine subscription for 3 months and one more which i don't remember. As you know surveys are a big hit in USA and there are sites which have online surveys in india. if you can post them it would be great.

Shiva said...

@Abhishek and all, today I received the free sample of Colgate Sensitive delivered through Pafex courier. I really didn't expect Colgate to send it so quick. I hope this proves that they are indeed sending the free samples and it is not a publicity gimmick. But it may be just that for a limited period or till stock lasts, so whoever reads this post, hurry to get this free sample of Colgate Sensitive tooth paste.

hiteshsjoshi said...

Today, I received a mail from Colgate promotions regarding my free sample being processed. They gave me a tracking number for Pafex courier dated 16/03/2009. Hope it finally arrives.

hiteshsjoshi said...

Finally received the sample.

raghavendra said...

I received the sample within 10days,