March 29, 2009

Great Anniversary Gifts on Purchases from eBay India

eBay India turns 4 this month and hence they have come up with eBay's 4th Anniversary Promotion or birthday celebration, where you get freebies for anything you purchase from Rs. 1000 and above onwards. You can buy anything at eBay India to claim those gifts which I have detailed below depending upon the total purchase you make there. The gift starts from 2 GB SanDisk pen drive to Transcend 160 GB hard drive depending upon the amount you spend at eBay during this promotion period of March 25, 2009 to April 7, 2009, both days inclusive.

To elaborate it, if you buy anything worth Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4999 there and use the appropriate voucher code (which I have given the details below) you will be eligible to get Sandisk 2 GB pen drive or iBall 4 port slim USB hub or iBall i675MV headset with mic as a free gift from eBay.

Likewise if you buy any products worth between Rs. 5000 and Rs. 9999 you will get iBall Face2Face 12 MP Webcam or Seinheiser LX90 Headset or Nokia BH-101Bluetooth Headset for free.

And finally, if you can purchase for value worth Rs. 10,000 and above you can get a free gift like Transcend 160GB Hard Drive or Apple iPod Shuffle 1GB or Aiptek 7" Digital Photo Frame.

Like mentioned above you will need to use the appropriate gift code allocated for the specific gift that you are intending to get for free while you are actually making the purchase at eBay. You can find the gift codes for the above mentioned products here. If you don’t use it while making your purchase you will not be eligible to claim the free gift accordingly. You will only also be eligible to get the free gift if you pay using the PaisaPay option. The actual amount also includes the shipping charges and hence you will fit in any one of the above three options to get the free gifts listed on that particular category of the amount you spent there.

You can read all the terms and conditions about this offer before actually availing this offer. More details of this offer can be obtained here.

This offer was shared to me via email by Prashant, Ritika Aggarwal, Prakash, and Ashish Batra.

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Anonymous said...

Prakash here,

This was my 1st contribution to offersgalore. Glad everyone can take benefit of this.

However again Ebay Customer care is not at all aware of model number of Aiptek 7" Digital Photo Frame.

they did the same thing when there was free gift of Wireless router during December. After lots of mails & direct talk with Ebay call center manager they gave me router model no on 30th night & offer was over by that time.

What more to say

Prashant Jaiswal said...

Latest E-bay India gift coupons:
IJ0GNAOIKV - 15% Discount upto 500 Rs till 7th April & HMK1J38ANA - 10% Discount upto 500 Rs till 7th April

Anonymous said...

ebay sucks !
the rates on thr website is 10% more thn market price...
ebay is just to sale 2nd goods...
not for new products

Fleudo said...

The offer is good, but i doubt they will provide the gift as when I entered the gift voucher code, I was entitled for a discount of 1Re. And nothing was mentioned in the bill that i wud be getting the gift in so and so days. I guess ebay should communicate the facts more vibrantly. Why the discount if they are provding the gift. Guess its just a trick to lurk the buyers

Anonymous said...

They never give away model no of major free gifts.

Customer care have no idea whats model no of gift. In This case of photo frame free offer, there are more then 15 frames from Aiptek, now how do one know which they are going to give.


Anonymous said...

Very True.