March 16, 2009

Vote and Win Free Fuel & Other Prizes at

CarWale, one of the popular car or automobile site in India is currently running a vote and win contest where you will need to choose the India’s Favorite Car for the year 2009 by way of voting for the same. There are around 6 categories where you will need to vote for the various cars that have been nominated already and if you are lucky enough you can win the first prize of free fuel for the winner for one full year. There are also other prizes to be won if you could just vote and if lucky. The other prizes ranging from trip to Goa, car models, T-shirts, caps, etc.

You will need to visit CarWale Awards 2009 page and vote for your favourite car under different categories listed there and enter into their draw of lots and thus enter into winning any of the prizes mentioned there. There are seven categories you can vote for the favourite car for 2009. But you will be entered into the contest even if you vote for one category. This polling is for the CarWale Awards 2009 where the winner will be chosen according the number of votes received from us.

After voting for a single category, you will be asked to enter your personal info like name, email id, state, city and mobile number to proceed further. You can then go ahead and start voting for the other categories for your favorite car in 2009 in India.

The categories in which you can vote for your favorite car in 2009 are:

India's Favourite Car for Small Families 2009
India's Favourite Car for Large Families 2009
India's Favourite Car for Self-driven Executives 2009
India's Favourite Car for Chauffeur-driven Executives 2009
India's Favourite Car for Enthusiasts 2009
India's Favourite Car for Offroading Activities 2009
Aspirational Car of India 2009

The more categories you vote for, the more you will have the chances of winning the prizes mentioned.

The first prize is free fuel for the one whole year. Where you will be given 900 litres of petrol or diesel per month for the one whole year. You can get this in the form of fuel, fuel vouchers or even cash. The second prize is a 2-days and 3 nights trip for two to Goa. The third prize is scaled down model of cars. You can also win prizes like mugs, t-shirts, and caps.

It will hardly take 2 to 3 minutes to vote for the cars in all categories and submit along with your personal details and hence you can give it a try if you are interested in such contests or polls which promises to give prizes for entering them. Since there are a wide variety of gifts to choose from the chances of winning any of the prize mentioned are high in this case but I might be wrong too and you could or could not win any of the prizes mentioned too. It depends on the luck.

You can participate in this vote and win contest from here.

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Srividhya said...

today i got an email from carwale that I have won a pen drive and got my address for shipping the same! I will post in comment after getting it. Thanks!