April 8, 2009

Deals4all offers for HSBC Credit Card Holders

HSBC has teamed up with Deals4all, which is famous for its hi-tech deals, to come up with some very good offers to buy electronics at a much discounted price for the first time, I suppose. You will need to use your HSBC credit card only to avail these offers from Deals4all and cannot buy it using any other cards. This offer is available only through the Deals4all helpline numbers and not available online. This offer is valid till May 31, 2009. The products range from handycam to photo printer.

You can buy TCL Handycam for Rs. 2999 using this offer as against the original price of Rs. 9500. It is a 3MP handycam with 4x digital zoom and 32 MB flash memory with expandable memory slot. It is said to be smallest and slimmest digital handycam in the world.

Aqua X2 Dual SIM Phone can be brought for Rs. 3495 as against the market price of Rs. 9500. It is a dual SIM phone with MP3 support, Bluetooth, FM radio and touch screen.

Now is the best of the lot, you can by Lexmark Photo printer worth Rs. 6000 for just Rs. 1999. It is the compact photo printer to print 4” x 6” photos. You can print directly from your PC as well as from your digital camera directly.

VD Tech HDMI DVD player with 5.1 channel with full HDMI support with USB and MMC card reader and can read any types of CDs and DVDs and major formats like DivX, etc. This can be brought for Rs. 1999 as against the market price of Rs. 3995.

I-Mate Jama smartphone can be brought for Rs. 6990 with the original market price being Rs. 11,000.

LG TV Mobile Phone with 3G which can be used to watch TV and can be utilized at major GSM networks, comes with 3MP digital camera, DVB-H TV tuner, plays MP3, MMF, WAV, etc. Has Bluetooth and the support of adding up 4 GB memory, etc.

Some of the other products with the original price mentioned in brackets are given below:

Polaroid 8 MP Digital Camera – Rs. 3999 (Rs. 10,500)
Polaroid 10 MP Digital Camera – Rs. 5490 (Rs. 14,500)
GE Designer Cordless Phone – Rs. 1299 (Rs. 2995)
Polaroid Digital 7” Photo Frame – Rs. 2999 (Rs. 6500)

You will need to call Deals4all Customer Care Number at 1800-22-8200, 180004700 or 022-26329212 to place your order using your HSBC credit card to avail these offers mentioned above.

You will get the product delivered in 7 days of placing the order. This offer, as mentioned above is valid till May 31, 2009.

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hiteshsjoshi said...

Where can I find the details of all products available under the offer. Also, would like to read the terms and conditions of the offer. I browsed through the deals4all site, but to no avail.

- Hitesh

Shiva said...

Hi Hitesh

You can find the product details here http://www.deals4all.net/priceless250/ but remember this link is for SBI Card offers and not for HSBC and hence the price may change. Regarding the terms and conditions you can visit hsbc.co.in and search for deals4all as there is no seperate section dedicated for the same.