April 25, 2009

Exclusive Akshaya Tritiya Offers for SBI Card Users

Apart from the ICICI Bank's Akshaya Tritiya offer, you can also check out the various Akshaya Tritiya offers in your city which you can avail using your SBI Card. These are some of the exclusive offers available at select Jewellery Shops in Chennai, Bangaluru, and Hyderabad only. These offers are available till June 5, 2009 unless specifically mentioned about earlier closure in each of the individual offers. These are only available in the shops mentioned in their site and available as a special offer for this Akshaya Tritiya and available only through SBI Cards.

Although I am not a believer of buying gold on Akshaya Tritiya, this offer might just be useful for those who flock the Jewellery shops in their respective cities to get some luck going and so forth. Someone had advertised this propaganda that if you buy gold on this day your wealth would increased manifold throughout that whole year. This way of celebrating Akshaya Tritiya gained prominence only recently and these jewellery shops have utilized this opportunity to market this aggressively and gained immensely from it. This is absolutely a marketing gimmick from them by utilizing this opportunity. And its a pity to see us, falling for such gimmick in the name of getting some luck. I really don't know how many people those who have brought gold on this day last year have increased their wealth, as is being promoted by many, apart from those jewellery shop owners who would have accumulated huge wealth by sales happened only on that day.

Anyway coming back to this offer you can get special discounts when you use your SBI Card at any of the Jewellery shops in your respective city, i.e., Chennai, Bangaluru and Hyderabad.

Apart from discounts at specially mentioned Jewellery shops you are getting special discounts at other accessories and appliances shop mentioned in the respective links above.

You can read the terms and conditions applicable for this offer here. You can find more details about this offer here.

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