April 10, 2009

Follow me at Twitter

Since almost all are jumping into the Twitter bandwagon, I too have followed suite and have started my very own Twitter page exclusively for Offers Galore and here I will be regularly sharing any offers and deals which I could not share it here in my blog. Apart from posting about blog posts here, I will be posting more offers and deals both online and offline in my Twitter page regularly. You can follow my Twitter page from here. If you are new to Twitter, you can check this page on how you can get start with it.

I will surely be updating it regularly at least with the regular offers or anything that I feel would be useful for all of you.

Twitter is one of the best and quickest and simplest way to keep tab of what's been happening around you and sharing what you are doing with the world. This is the next revolution to hit the web, no doubt about that. You too should be having your own Twitter page, if you have not done it yet so. And their tag line is "What are you doing?", which is very well fits into what Twitter is all about.

My Official Twitter Page, do follow it regularly to keep tab of what is happening on various offers and deals across India.

And yes, I forgot to mention that whoever starts following me on Twitter from here onwards, I assure you that I will reciprocate with following you back through Twitter. You can also post the same here at the comments, just to keep tab of it.

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Prashant Jaiswal said...

gr88 to see OG on twitter