April 6, 2009

Get a Free Mobile Charger with Purchases at Picsquare

Picsquare is currently giving away free mobile quick charger for all orders above Rs. 500. As they have introduced more new products like T-shirts, pre-designed products, etc to their existing ones and to promote the same, they have introduced this offer of giving away free mobile charger. There is no pre-condition attached to this offer. This offer is valid from March 31, 2009 to April 13, 2009.

The order of Rs. 500 includes even the shipping charges as well as the taxes. The mobile quick charger can be charged mobile brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, and LG. All it needs is a AA pencil battery to recharge your mobile. You get the required attachment along with it. It would be an ideal product during travel and those who travel a lot.

Get more details about this offer here.

As said above this offer is valid only till April 13, 2009.

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Abhishek said...

@ Everyone: The offer is Good, but let me warn you these charges are not so good, its available for just Rs.50 in Bangalore and are for obvious China make. Use your discretion before buying.