April 20, 2009

ICICI Bank’s Akshaya Tritiya Offer for 2009

Just like last year’s offer on Akshaya Tritiya, ICICI Bank has come up with an offer for this year’s Akshaya Tritiya too. Now this time, they are giving away free gold coin, well almost free, for the purchase of gold coins. This year, they have come up with “Gold pe Gold” offer. You should buy gold coin (at the specified weight mentioned below) from ICICI Bank during this offer period at any of the branches where they are selling gold coins to avail this offer. And by the way this year’s Akshaya Tritiya is on April 27, 2009. If you don't know what Akshaya Tritiya is visit this Wikipedia page for more details.

To elaborate this offer, you will need to purchase a gold coin which has a net weight of 50 g and you will get one ICICI Bank gold coin of 1 g at the special price of Rs. 1.01 only. This is like giving it away almost for free. But you will need to buy the 50 g gold coin from them which might be way to high for many considering the current gold price!

The next offer is that you will need to buy gold coin with a net weight of 20 g from ICICI Bank and you will get an ICICI Bank gold coin of 0.5 g at a special price of Rs. 1.01 which is including all the taxes.

You will need to visit the nearest ICICI Bank to know more details about this offer and to buy these gold coins.

This offer is valid from April 15, 2009 till May 15, 2009 or otherwise till the stocks last.

Visit this link for more details and visit this page for the terms and conditions applicable for this gold pe gold offer.

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