May 30, 2009

Get a free sample of Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder

Johnson and Johnson or just Johnson’s Baby which caters with their specialized products dedicated only for babies like powder, soaps, oils, shampoos, top to toe wash, etc., have done it again with exclusive and special product for the babies which is best suited especially for our Indian (summer) conditions, and that product is Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder. This is their latest launch among their whole lot of other existing baby products.

Since there were no specialized or exclusive prickly heat powder for babies and kids, they had a horrendous time especially during these sweltering summer months and just ideally Johnson’s Baby have come up with this prickly heat powder for the babies which is indeed the need of the hour right now and could just turn out to be a boon for many of the parents who couldn’t help their babies but just watch them suffer with prickly heat and the regular prickly heat powders are not recommended for the smaller babies.

Just ideally, they have launched this new prickly heat powder for the babies and to give us confidence to try it out on babies before actually buying it, is giving away free sample to try out. So, if you have a baby or know someone who has a baby you can check out this page and order a free sample of Johnson’s Baby Prickly Heat Powder. No questions asked, just give your details and your baby’s details and the address and phone number to get it delivered at your place for free. This offer is brought in association with Baby Center India.

You can order your free sample here. And this offer is valid only till stocks last, so hurry.

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