May 29, 2009

Guess the Price and Win Timex SLX Series Watch

Timex, the leading watch brand across the world is going to launch an high end and limited edition watch namely New SLX Series. And to mark and promote their launch they are currently conducting a new contest in which you will need to roughly guess the price the watch in which they are going to launch in India soon. If only if your guess was anywhere near or exactly the same as the original price in which they are going to launch this Timex SLX Series watch, then you could win this watch itself as the gift.

To participate in this contest, you will need to visit this link and click on “Win an SLX” option and guess the price of the New SLX Series watch would be and you will be prompted to answer a simple question related to Timex watches and also you will need to enter two email id’s of your friends along with your contact details to complete the contest. If more than one person predicts the price correctly or nearly there will be a lucky draw to select the winner. To read the other terms and conditions about this contest visit this page.

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