May 26, 2009

Register at & Get Free FNL Magazine which is one of the leading health related shopping portal is currently running a promotion in which you will get free FNL magazine if you register for free at Health Shoppe. You will get one FNL Magazine delivered for free at the address you provide while you register there. This is a limited period offer.

All you have to get this FNL magazine for free is to visit this register page of and provide your personal info like name, address, etc. and click on the option of FNL Magazine to while submitting to get it delivered for free to either the billing address or the shipping address that you provide while registering. FNL is an international fashion magazine but now catering to Indian audiences. You will get one copy of this magazine for free. To know more about this magazine, visit this page.

You can start off with registering at Health Shoppe and proceed from there to get the free magazine.

Now, this second offer or freebie is only for Mumbaikar. Burrp is giving away free Know Mumbai magazine for all those who register at their site for free. Once registered you will get one copy of “Know Mumbai” magazine or print guide for free to your address. Just proceed by registering at Burrp and proceed to get the free magazine of Know Mumbai.

These offers are shared via email by Abhishek. Thanks for sharing the same.

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