May 25, 2009

Some Freebies that you can get it online

Johnson and Johnson is still running its free calendar for this year too just like last year, which you can check out here and get them for free. They offered the free calendar last year but this year Johnson and Johnson had this offer but sent only to its existing members but now you too can get this free baby calendar from them. It contains mostly baby pictures along with the calendar for 2009 in each page and is worth it considering you are getting it for free. You can get more details and get the free calendar here.

EarthSeeds is giving away free T-shirts and other stuff if you can join them as ambassador to contribute in some way to help save this earth from further deterioration via various promotions and other stuff. You can get free 3 free inflatable globes, earth stickers, 100 free earth postcards and also you will get a free T-shirt of EarthSeeds. You will need to send an email to to get started if you are interested to volunteer in their social cause. They are sending them to international locations too. Update: This offer is officially closed now.

Request for a free sample of Paraben Skin Care product via this link.

Similarly is giving away free notepad and pen for all of us, i.e., the budding writers. They are giving away these free notepads and pens to support the cause of literacy in the world. And for the same they are giving away this small gift. Although they are an international service community, they are giving away these free pen and notepads for everyone across the world, including India. Just enter your personal details and address to get it for free. Although I have tried it only today and have not received it yet and hence cannot guarantee whether you indeed get them for free or not. Anyway you can get the free notepad and pen from this link but submitting appropriate details. It is indeed a noble cause and a worthy one to support.

These freebies were suggested to me via email by Ritika Aggarwal.

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Abhishek said...

@ Shiva : Sorry to tell, but we will not get anything you have said above,I have tried all those things long back, even have mailed for that earthseeds, but have got nothing as of now...

Mike said...

Yes, I too agree with Abhishek. I too have tried those. BTW, please co through this link - What Are Parabens And Why Should You Avoid Them.