June 3, 2009

Get Free Prints worth Rs. 50 from Justprint

JustPrint.in which is India's first and latest online printing solution where you can get prints of your document and business cards, certificates, flyers, photographs, booklets, postcards, newsletters, manual, posters, and more from them, online. It is just one and first of a kind online printing service in India which could just turn out to be pretty handy for many who may not have access to a printer at their place but wanted to get huge chunk of documents or others get printed at a much cheaper rate of Rs. 1.50 per page onwards. Just Print is the latest service from the house of Overnite Express Limited, the famous courier company in India.

They have a special kind of software which you will need to download after registering at JustPrint and then just like you normally do, print using the option of 'JustPrint Messenger' and get it printed at their place and get it delivered within one day of your print. You can also use the option of uploading your document and get it printed and delivered. I guess this is just a pretty simple solution available online and can come in handy in case your regular printer got stuck but would need the documents printed within a day or two. Here are the rates in which you can get the prints which includes the cost of paper too and I feel the rates are too reasonable.

Now, as an introductory offer, they are giving away Rs. 50 off on your first order. Hence if you wanted to get prints worth Rs. 50 and above you can get the discount of Rs. 50 on your order. And there is a shipping charge of Rs. 20 separately and hence if you just want to try their service you can just order prints worth Rs. 30 and plus the shipping charges of Rs. 20 and thereby getting that prints worth Rs. 30 absolutely for free and you will get it delivered within one or two days to your place.

I have tried this option and it works and I placed an order for less than Rs. 30 and the shipping charges of Rs. 20 got deducted automatically as that being my first order and since the total worth of the order is within Rs. 50, I got it printed it via online for free and I am expecting the prints to be delivered to my place soon. This is simply a worthy service at least for your first order where you get it totally for free. Just try it. ;-)

You will need to register for free and then order the prints according to the guidelines and instructions given by them, follow it appropriately to get it done easily.

This offer was shared to me via email by Siva Subramanian.

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Suresh Kumar said...

Earlier I had placed a sample order at www.JustPrint.in and surprisingly I received it next day i.e. within 24 hours of placing the order. Good service with good qiality prints.

Ashish said...

i recieved the courier after 7-8 days

raghavendra said...

i received within 2 days , after i placed one more order and they rejected it due to same address, from then am placing orders using friends address and i got lot packs