June 3, 2009

Subscribe to The Economist & Get Rs. 4000 GC from FutureBazaar

The Economist one of the leading business, environment and politics magazine in the world, recently launched in India is currently running an offer wherein if you subscribe for their 3 year subscription offer where you get 153 copies, you will not only get it at 60% discounted price but also get gift coupons worth Rs. 4000 from Future Bazaar which you can redeem there later. This is an exclusive offer for the users of FutureBazaar.com and is applicable if you place an order online. If you subscribe for The Economist you will get free access to the Economist Audio Edition as well.

The total value of the subscription according to the newsstand rate for the entire three years for The Economist is Rs. 30,600 and with the special offer you get this at a whopping discount offer of 60% and thus you can get the three year subscription for The Economist for Rs. 12,240 which is inclusive of all the shipping and other charges for the entire three year period and you will get the magazine delivered to your place too. You can even pay this subscription price in either 3 or 6 or 9 EMIs.

And apart from offering their magazine at 60% special discount, they are also giving away gift coupon worth Rs. 4000 which you can use to shop at FutureBazaar. But not sure whether this is a complete gift coupon or just a discount coupon as they have not mentioned it anywhere.

This is indeed a worthy option if and only if you can get to buy the Rs. 4000 gift coupon to its entirety without any hidden conditions or preset limit to it.

The FBID (Future Bazaar ID) for this order is 1023915.

You can check out the details about this offer here.

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