June 25, 2009

Win Personalized T-Shirt from Microsoft India

Microsoft India is currently conducting a contest or quiz to promote their latest browser Internet Explorer 8. You would need to answer some questions related to Internet Explorer 8 and do some stuff like sharing the contest with Facebook and downloading Internet Explorer 8, etc and you will win points for the same with which you will have a chance to win free personalized T-shirt.

For finishing the quiz you will earn 30 points and to share the same in your Facebook profile you will earn 10 points and if you refer your friends you will earn 10 points and finally if you download the Internet Explorer 8 you will get 50 points and so on. The more points you earn, the more chance winning the prize.

Visit this page to start exploring Internet Explorer 8 and win a personalized T-shirt from Microsoft India for free.

This contest was shared to me via email by Dezul Udani.

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