July 6, 2009

Casio Watch Offers from Indiaplaza

Indiaplaza has come up with a special Casio watches offer where you can get some special free gifts if you buy Casio watch worth Rs. 1795 and above according to the value of the watch that you purchase. The free gifts ranges from craft book, clock to gold plated ball pen. There are four batches in which your purchase can fall into to let you choose the gift of your choice. This offer is applicable only if you buy the Casio watches from the Indiaplaza.in and not anywhere else.

If you buy Casio watch worth Rs. 1795 to Rs. 2000 you can get to choose one gift from the three gifts namely, One Paper Craft Book, Tupperware tumblers, and Casio alarm clock. If your purchase value is above Rs. 2001 and below Rs. 5000 you can get any one gift from flexible and magnetic laser light, Tupperware classic lunch box or Casio desktop calculator.

If you buy Casio watch worth Rs. 5001 to Rs. 8000 you can get gifts like Tupperware bowls, Executive lunch box or Casio scientific calculator. Supposedly if your purchase value is above Rs. 8001 you can get any one gift from the following gifts i.e., Swiss Alpine Club AC blanket, Casio wall clock or Swiss Military gold plated ball pen.

This offer is valid till the stocks last.

You can find more details about this offer here.

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kp6535 said...

Be careful when shopping in indiaplaza.in website. You goods are not delivered on time and to get a refund it takes ages.