July 1, 2009

Win Goodies with Eminem Contest at AOL India

As you all might be knowing that Eminem (Real Name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III) has come up with his latest album namely Relapse. In that album he had actually slammed famous celebrities in one of his song We Made You, which has been creating huge waves across. And to promote that album AOL India has come up with a contest or quiz wherein you would need to answer three simple questions related to Eminem and the latest Album Relapse and win cool Eminem goodies.

You will need to answer the three questions and enter your personal details to enter into a chance to win any of the Eminem goodies. I would be glad if someone who wins such contest just come back and mention it here, so that we know that someone is winning these contests and they are not just a eyewash contests.

You can start participating in this Eminem contest from here.

p.s.: All the clues for the questions have been mentioned above ;)

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