August 7, 2009

Free 2 weeks Trial Membership with Bigflix

BigFlix, one of the leading online movie rental service in India has come up with an offer wherein you will get free two weeks trial in which you can get to order free movie CDs or DVDs to watch and return. This offer for us to get a feel of how BigFlix and their online movie works as it is somewhat of a new niche in India. This offer is valid only for the new members who register for the first time at Big Flix now and not valid for the existing members. You can rent unlimited movies during this offer period and can opt out of it within the trial period and you will not be charged any amount during this time. Thus you would be able to watch at least 10 to 12 movies for free provided that you rent at least one movie a day.

For this offer you will need to have a valid credit card and you will need to enter your credit card details while you are signing up. Although you will not be charged anything on this card but will be charged in case of CD damage or not returning the CD or DVD back. But also remember that you will be automatically charged the basic fare of Rs. 650 which includes the subscription charges and deposit and tax, if you did not opt out of this trial offer before the trial period and hence be wary of it and opt out at the right time (i.e., one or two days before your trial period expires) to avoid being charged on your credit card. This is if you really don't want to continue with any of the rental plan that BigFlix has.

My tip is to order a movie and if possible watch it on the same and request for a new CD or movie by adding as many movies as possible in the queue and request a return and new CD or DVD daily during this trial period so that you would be able to utilize it to the maximum and opt out or stick to a plan according to your choice later. This is indeed a worthy offer to try, but you must be aware that you will be charged if you don't opt of this trial period well before the last day of the trial period or cause any damage to the CD or DVD or did not return the CDs back.

Visit BigFlix for more details about this offer. This offer is shared to me by my friend Rajesh.

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