August 20, 2009

Zapak ATM Contest is Back with ATM 2

After the much success of Zapak ATM Contest last year Zapak ATM Contest is back this year too with ATM2 Contest and it seems this year it is bigger and better (at least that’s what they claim). You have a chance to win much more prizes than last year with increased prizes and more options to win points. Just like last year you will need to earn points to win those prizes and these points can be earned mostly with playing games and via any other options as mentioned below. There are prizes worth 3 crores to be won and there prizes worth Rs. 10 lakh every day.

The simple way of earning points is by logging into your Zapak account and start playing games and hence score points and thus win prizes and check out for the winners list to see if you are in the list.

There are also several other ways in which you can earn points at Zapak to get into the chance of winning prizes. You will earn 1 point for scraps and 5 points for challenging a buddy, and if you add a buddy you will earn 5 points, if you play a game you will earn 2 points, if you enter a tournament you will earn 5 points per tournament, if you play a multiplayer game you will earn 5 points. If you download a game you will earn 100 points. When you play a game of housie you will earn 5 points per game and if you buy a product in loyalty you will earn 100 points.

The points reset daily and hence the points that you earn today cannot be used the next day, you will need to earn the points on a daily basis to claim the prizes daily and there is no carry forward of points. They have put up a points clock on their website mentioning as a countdown, in hours, minutes and seconds, as to when the points will be reset.

You can win prizes like Window2India Gift vouchers, BigFlix gift vouchers, Indiaplaza gift vouchers, Sri Jagdamba Pearls gift vouchers, Zapak merchandise like CDs, toys, etc, and Zapak Gameplex vouchers as well as gold ticket which will in turn allow you to win cash prize worth Rs. 1000 daily.

If you win 10+points you will get Rs. 50 voucher plus gold ticket, if you win 20+ points you will get Rs. 100 voucher plus 2 gold tickets, if you win 30+ points you can win vouchers worth Rs. 300 and similarly for points of 50+ you can win vouchers worth Rs. 500. For points 75+ you can win vouchers worth Rs. 850. For 100+ points you can win Rs. 1000 worth vouchers and merchandise and Gameplex coupons.

Although there were some issues related to giving away of prize, etc., hope this time they have rectified it and made it more user friendly. If you get any queries or issues you can contact Zapak's Help Desk at

Read the terms and conditions of this contest and FAQs before entering it.

You can get more details about this Zapak ATM2 Contest here.

This contest details I received on my email ID registered at Zapak and also shared by the regular and loyal reader of Offers Galore, Prashant Jaiswal.

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Anonymous said...

Bakwas offer Voucher is useless

Shripad said...

The vouchers that they are giving are discount vouchers and not gift vouchers. The 150 IP voucher can be redeemed against 300 and 250 IP voucher can be redeemed against 750. I had called up IP and got this information. If anyone has information regarding W2I vouchers please comment.

Anonymous said...

there will be 30% tax deduction if the prizes sum up to 5000. Does anyone have any details on this ?

Prashant Jaiswal aka Vicky said...

Soory to suggest this offer shiva...plz dont play this contest as I found that is offer is sheer waste of lot of time...thank got that we got to know about it on 1st week itself as its a 4 week contest.
hete is how they cheated the innocent gamers.