November 27, 2009

Get Free Collage Mug with Canvas print from Snapfish

Snapfish India is giving away free collage mug with every canvas print that you order from them. With canvas prints you can add up to 6 six photos of various size and make it look like a work of art in a canvas. Or alternatively you can add one big size photo and put it on the walls of your living room. You can create canvas prints in the shapes of rectangle, square and long ones. With the rectangle canvas prints you get up to a size of 12x18” and 20x30”. Similarly with the square canvas prints you get two sizes namely 12x12” and 24x24”. With the long prints you get one standard size of 12x24”.

Coming back to this offer, you will need to use the coupon code CANVASFREEMUG to get this offer credited into your account. The canvas prints starts from a prize of Rs. 899. The free collage mug is said to be worth Rs. 349.

You can start creating the canvas prints from Snapfish from here. See the details about this offer here. But remember to use the coupon code mentioned above to get the credit of free collage mug into your account while buying the same, or else you will not get the credit. This offer is valid till November 30, 2009.

This offer was sent to my email ID which was registered at Snapfish. Also shared to me via email by Vicky Bahl.

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