November 25, 2009

Moving to my own domain at

After two years of blogging and sharing offers at I have decided to move to my own domain. And the new domain is And all the existing and new posts on offers and deals will be posted and transferred here. The old link will not work henceforth. You don’t have to make any changes all the other details like feeds and others things remain the same, except the URL. All the existing fellow users and readers of Offers Galore, please change your bookmarks to the new domain and that is the only change that needs to be made from your end. The old URL will be redirected to the new link.

I have been deliberating to move to my own domain for quite some time and was postponing due to various reasons and finally I have done it. Since the .com domain was registered, I opted for the .net instead.

Hope to have an even more and better relationship with you all after 2 years of blogging and sharing offers here. I request you to give the same support you have been giving to me these 2 years.

Visit the new Address of Offers Galore at

If you have any trouble visiting the blog, just post the issues here or send me an email at


Amol Patil said...

That's great. It's always good to have your own domain. You might face some ranking issues in google initially though. So check on that!

Hope to see the your great posts in future as well :)

Rajan said...

Shiva you can also try and register , this is also a good domain.