December 1, 2009

Attitude Unzipped Contest at is again conducting a contest namely Attitude Unzipped in association with Durex Jeans (cool blue condoms) in which you can win cash prizes worth Rs. 10,000 and more. There are three options in which you can win cash prizes. Either you should create your own designs and submit or you can create your own pick up lines and submit or just enter your email ID to be entered into the lucky draw to win prizes.

With the Attitude Unzipped Design challenge, you will need to create a cool new design and submit to get a chance to win up to Rs. 10,000 cash prizes.

With the Attitude Unzipped Idea challenge you can submit your own punch lines which are less than 160 characters and win up to Rs. 2500 in cash prizes.

If you are feeling too lazy to participate in either of the above contests, you can just participate in Unzip U’r Luck contest where you will just need to enter your email ID to enter into the lucky draw daily to win prizes.

Check out also on how to get a free T-shirt from Inkfruit which is still concurrently being run.

Check out the details about this contest at Inkfruit.

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Anonymous said...

do we get more then 1 tees if more then 10 people joins or many if joins