December 23, 2009

Zoomin - Deal of the Day

Zoomin, one of the leading online photo printing service as well as that sells various gift products like coffee mugs, calendars, greeting cards, T-shirts, etc., has currently come up with a special deal of the day offer for 10 days, i.e., from December 21 to December 28, 2009. This special deal will be open from 11 a.m. IST daily during all the 10 days mentioned here, i.e., Dec 21 to 28th. Where the existing members can get products being sold at an unbelievable price. For example on the second day December 22, 2009 a Zoomin Coffee mug was being sold at Rs. 20 whereas the regular price being Rs. 250, that is it is being sold at 92% off.

As mentioned above this is a members only offer and you would need to be a registered member of Zoomin to be eligible for this offer. If you are not a member now, you will need to register now, so that you too can participate in this offer. This deal of the day will be active only for some time and after that the SOLD OUT sign is being shown and hence you will need to be pretty sharp and fast to grab the offer. After login into your account during around 11 a.m., you will need to click on the button “I Want One” and they will send you a coupon code to your email id that you used to register at Zoomin which you can use to get the appropriate discount on the said product.

Not sure whether there is any shipping charges applicable or not. Those who have tried and got the offer can share details about it by commenting to this post so that we know whether this offer is truly worth it, without any hidden charges; especially the shipping charges, or not.

Go ahead and visit this page at 11 a.m. daily till December 28, 2009 to grab the unbelievable offers.

This offer was also shared to me by Prashant Jaiswal.

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Anonymous said...

In the mail it was written that we have to pay the standard delivery charges.

The bad part of the offer is that as soon as the clock click 11am... the link gets broken... and then when you get the link.. u will see that the deal is over and wait for the next deal :)

So try hard and see if you the luck one :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Offers Galore Members...

Did anyone got hold of the deal by Zoomin???

Everytime i try at 11am...i never find the page and by the time i get the page.. the deal is over for that day.

So is there any real deal or just Advertisement??

Prashant Jaiswal said...

lol I totally agree wid u (above comment) its really shame on Zoomin that they hav such bad servers that they are not capable enough to handle the traffic.
And I am trying to get a deal for the part 2 days but not able to do so because the website goes down exactly at 11:00
and I created this blog to show mah anger and frustration to them.. do comment there if u are also facing the same problem

-Prashant Jaiswal

suni said...

I tried this offer...its a nice deal.
I won the Deal of the Day for White T-Shirt for Rs.39.50 (90% off)and the shipping charges of Rs.25.00.
I even won the Deal "ZoomIn Poster Calendars" for just Rs.12.50.